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If an animal has feathers, it is a bird; a feature derived from scales that covered the ancestral reptiles. Like reptiles, birds lay eggs to reproduce, but are much more involved in parental care.

People looking from the lime tree lookout

Learning how to breed similar but more common species, such as Hill Mynahs, helps zoos to understand in turn how to breed endangered Bali Starlings or Rothschild's Mynahs. Zoo bred birds of this species have been returned to Bali to boost the remnant population. Last count there were only 37 in the wild.


Many male pheasants including Peacocks, show extremes of feather and plumage development. The rear view of a displaying Peacock reveals that the true tail is relatively small, but is essential in supporting the decorative train feathers

Mynah Bird

Bali Starlings

These delightful birds have a snow white plumage with a bright blue mask like marking stretching from the beak to the eye and beyond.

Mutual preening is a part of the courtship display but they can be quite aggressive to
one another during the breeding season."