Title - Lakeside Fowl Wetland Birds - Duck Wetlands world wide are threatened with change. Considered by the ill informed as wastelands and to be drained for so called 'development' - they are rich storehouses of 'bio-diversity'. They are habitats to a wealth of interdependant plants and animals. Sadly many adjacent to industrial sites become polluted and those on agricultural land damaged by artificial fertilisers. Wetland Birds - Duck

Ducks are obvious water birds having webbed feet and bills adapted to taking a variety of foods. We have Fulvous Whistling Ducks and Mandarin Ducks. The former are sub-tropical birds found in central and South America, Africa as well as Asia, a most extraordinary distribution for any species of bird. There is no geographical variation throughout this huge and broken range. They are able to dive as well as perch in trees. Mandarins are special birds to Thrigby - they are depicted in the logo. Mandarin Ducks may be more numerous here in Britain living as introduced birds than they are in their native China and Japan.

Wetland Birds - Cormorant

Chinese Cormorants are fish eaters - as many fishermen will testify! Tame Cormorants are still trained and used by native fishermen in parts of Asia to dive overboard from small boats and catch fish for their owners.