Title - Red Panda Red Panda

Red Pandas are a-smaller Relative of the better known Giant Panda, whose black and-white-Image is best known as the logo off he World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF).

Pandas of both species are thought to have ancestors in common with bears.

Pandas are dependant on bamboo as the staple bulk of their diet. They have fore limbs and 'fingers' able to reach and hold slippery sterns and leaves. There is not a lot of food value in bamboo, so to satisfy their daily needs Pandas have to eat large quantities.

Red Panda

Red Pandas in the wild live in the cooler, moister, more temperate forests of the Himalayan foothills in India,Nepal and China.

The Pandas here climb the trees and slumber amongst the foliage especially on hot summer days to keep cool. Added to their diet of bamboo are more nutritious items such as eggs, dead poultry chicks and they occasionally catch for themselves an unaware mouse or bird.