Title - Adopt an animal scheme Adopt a Leopard

Any animal or tree can be adopted and the adoption recorded by a plaque. All adoption monies go to the Thrigby Conservation Fund itself, none are used for administration or for paying for the plaques.

Adopt an Owl

The scheme has helped the Gardens to pursue additional conservation work that might not otherwise have been possible. The spontaneous generosity of some people has been gratifying and a source of encouragement to the staff. Both the Thrigby Conservation Fund and the Adoption Scheme are administered free of any charges.

Conservation projects helped to date include:

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and the Pygmy Hog of Assam, World Pheasant Association D.N.A. study in rare Pheasants, I.U.C.N. Conservation Specialist Breeding Group, ZOO Outreach of India, The Zoological Society of Wales and their Tigers, Marwell Preservation Trust and Red Pandas, Manchester Metropolitan University and the Palawan Peacock Pheasant, The Zoological Society of London and Artificial Insemmination in rare Leopards, Kiev Zoo Bull Elephant dentistry, 21st Century Tiger Fund, Re-introducion of Green Peafowl into Malaya, Survey of the exceedingly rare Pink-billed Parrot Finch in Fiji, The funding of Project Headquarters and Quarantine facilities for the Owston's Palm Civet in Vietnam, The release of Malay Peacock Pheasants that had been bred in the U.K. back into the wild.

If you wish to participate, you can now download and print-off the Adoption Request Form.