Title - Thrigby Hall Conservation Scheme Conseration Fund

In recent years several generous donations called for the establishment of a fund to hold and disburse money given for the furtherance of conservation work supported by Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens. This cumulative generosity supports the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust and its work with the Pygmy Hog in Nepal, the Red Panda via Marwell Zoo, the Amur Leopard via the Tigris Foundation, and Zoo Outreach of India.

Thrigby Hall Wildlife Garden is a "Protector" of the Captive Breeding Group of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. This vigorous organisation identifies and co-ordinates the efforts to breed seriously endangered species on a global basis. The fund is helping to support Shelagh Rosenthal in her study of Owston's Palm Civet in Vietnam.

If you wish to help you can participate by sponsoring one of our animals here at the park, more information here